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                                                Recycling (Netherlands) is to use the materials again.

Recycling is different from re use, where by a product (or parts ) is re used without separating there by commodities.

                                    An initial selective sort

We are able to sort 7,5 tonnes per day on average and our output never fails to increase from one year to another thanks to our high quality products and our loyal customer base.  

Exportation                                              60%

Reusable items, ready for exportation

Rags                                                         15%

Materials are recycled to make cleaning cloths

Fraying items                                           10%

Used in the manufacturing of raw materials

Cardboard and plastic                               8%

Packaging recycling

Waste                                                        7%

Items which cannot be reused

                                                          Discarded textiles?




Textile  re-used in two ways. Some clothing become used again. Other clothing is not suitable for that.

Together with other textiles (example linen) can be recycled into a new product.


Applications for its textile cloths, but also insulation for cars and homes. It is even possible to bring back clothing to fiber level, and to re-spinning into yarn for new garments. For this it has to be sorted into 'pure fractions. Manually this is a difficult and expensive task. With an automatic sorting machine may at relatively low cost. This makes textile recycling to new textiles on a large scale.


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